Gateway to the Medieval World

A scenic landscape view of Stonehaven

Scotland is a beautiful country with breathtaking views beyond the horizons.  I lived in this country for quite some time and when I left, I brought nothing but beautiful memories and stunning photos.Throughout my stay there, I discovered scenic places that one can do for a short city break.Less than two and a half hours by train from Glasgow; Stonehaven, coastal town in Aberdeenshire is the perfect place for a day trip.

From Stonehaven’s harbour, I hiked all the way up and feasted my eyes on the postcard-perfect view of  the sleepy fishing village.  I ventured on the medieval path and imagined stepping back in time. Then I immersed  myself in a dramatic setting and thought that  Great Scots like William Wallace and Mary, Queen of Scotland once trod this place. 

A bird’s eye view of the scenic harbour of Stonehaven.

As I went up the hill and down the valley, I set my eyes on the village’s real beauty. Dunnottar castle is perched on a hill overlooking the coast.  With a grandiose beauty and enigmatic effect, it holds many secrets.   Local stories and rumors about how it is  believed to be a fortress in the Dark Ages.  The truth is the castle was once  a keeper of the crown jewels of Scotland and home of  Queen Mary.

I spent the whole day lingering around the town. Whilst buying some souvenirs, I chatted with a local and listened to his stories about the castle. I also tried Stonehaven’s local version of fish and chips, sat on a bench and watched the time passed by.  As the autumn dusk set in, I  finally bid goodbye to the sleepy fishing village.

What an unforgettable visit but what moved me was the dramatic, inspiring experience.  I wondered how magical it could be to live in this place in the Medieval Age.  I thought of the old kings, queens and knights who stayed in this town. Then I wondered how a local commoner would welcome a visitor just like me.  Indeed, my visit was worth it. I left with a thought, plenty of them.

N.B. Earlier and longer version of this blog was published in John Lewis Glasgow in-house magazine, April 2011 edition.


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